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I challenge you to try this when searching for a property maintenance company

With rising costs in real estate and literally every other aspect of life, it's important to hire companies you trust. Whether you're staying put or getting ready to put your home on the market, your property's maintenance schedule is super important!

When searching for a company to maintain your home's investment value, where do you usually go first? Many of us talk to a trusted friend and use their go-to company for things like junk removal, pressure washing or landscaping. While word of mouth is valuable for businesses and property owners, search engines almost always come into play.

I would like to challenge you, wherever you are to check your local search engine listings. Scroll past the "sponsored" companies--I'm not saying to not use them-- I'm just saying give the folks (with good ratings) down the list a chance.

Supporting small businesses is a cornerstone of healthy community and local economy. Why not give those smaller companies a look first? It can't hurt anything. With each passing day ad agencies, social media and search engine companies are making it more expensive for small businesses to be seen or heard. For some of us, spending an extra $1,000 per month on advertising isn't feasible. Why? Because you can spend a bunch of money AND STILL get lost in the noise.

To be clear and fair, just because a company has a $2,000+ budget per month doesn't make them bad or not worthy of supporting. They may have started from scratch just like I did. It's just that supporting someone a little further down on the search engine listing can put you in touch with a passionate, growing company that is working to grow their little corner of an industry in a new, fun and productive way.

You may be able to get on the ground floor of a core client list for one of the future best companies in your area. Any business worth their salt will remember and reward your investment in them and your loyalty.

I have clients that have been with Farmhand Hauling and Property Maintenance since 2020. In the grand scheme of things 3+ years doesn't seem like a long time, but to a small business owner, it feels like a blissful eternity!

Whether, you're a first time client or a 100th time client, I appreciate your business more than you could ever imagine.

So I challenge you today and every time you need a project completed for your home, seek out those lesser-known, lower-budget for marketing companies (with good reviews, of course). You might be pleasantly surprised.

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